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Kurdish Nashville

Nashville’s Kurdish community is the largest in North America. The influence of the culture can be experienced all over Music City.

Special Events
  • Kurdish Heritage Month @ Throughout Nashville - March
Edessa Restaurant
Food & Beverage
Edessa Restaurant

Enjoy the delicious authenticity of Kurdish and Turkish cuisines, without going to Turkey. At Edessa, you can savor a variety of kebabs and many other traditional dishes including Turkish coffee and desserts. All dishes are prepared the authentic way with daily fresh veggies and halal/Kosher meat products. Experience the taste of Edessa and learn why these dishes are still around for centuries to come!

StrikeOut Wingz
Food & Beverage
StrikeOut Wings

StrikeOut Wingz is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Faraji and Chinar Tucker. Chinar is originally from Northern Iraq and her roots are from Kurdistan. Chinar has been driven and determined to be an accomplished businesswoman and has managed several restaurants in Nashville gaining her the experience she needed to open her own business. StrikeOut Wingz is on the rise as one of Nashville’s best-tasting wing spots in the city.

Kurdish-Owned Businesses & Experiences

Support local Kurdish-owned businesses and experiences in Nashville.

More Kurdish-Owned Businesses & Experiences

A self-taught Kurdish artist in Nashville.

Beizar Aradini
The Nashville artist’s painterly embroidered portraits are an act of resistance against cultural erasure

Nuveen Barwari
Nuveen Barwari is a visual artist who employs collage to reflect on the fragmented state of diasporic living and membership in a stateless community.


Arkan Muhammed (Arkan Doski)
Arkan Muhammed, of Murfreesboro, is one of the most sought-after Kurdish musicians in Tennessee. Arkan began learning music from his father when he was a child and has since fallen in love with the keyboard.

Heaja Tahir
A local Nashvillian, Heaja Tahir provides the music at Nashville Predators games, weddings, and more showing just how awesome Kurdish music can be.


Zaid Brifkani
Dr. Zaid Brifkani is an American physician of Iraqi Kurdish descent. He specializes in dialysis and kidney transplantation with a lifelong passion for writing. His debut novel "The Mountains We Carry" was released in November 2021. He lives in Nashville with his wife and three children. Growing up in Iraq, Brifkani witnessed many traumatic experiences of war, migration, and political turmoil, which have highlighted his dedication to writing about the negative impact of wars and political struggles.

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